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How to Print a Check with Logo on Mac

With ezCheckPrinting, you can design and print professional checks in house easily.

To print a check with logo, you must:
1. select the "blank stock" option.
2. specify the logo image path

If you are a new user and need more information about check set up, please view ezCheckPrinting quick start guide.( for Mac  -  for Windows).

Step 1. Launch ezCheckPrinting on Mac

Click the Launchpad button, and you will see the current applications intalled on your Mac. Click the ezCheckPrinting icon to run this check writer application.

start ezCheckPrinting

Step 2: Choose "using blank stock" option and specify the logo image from the check set up screen.

2.1 Click the top menu "Settings->check setup" to open the check setup page.

settings menu

2.2 check the option "Use Blank Check Stock"

3.3 Choose the logo image file

You should use jpg and bmp format image files for logo and signature. Some Mac computers cannot support the .png file. If you use a wrong image file, you may see the error message "Access Violation. Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption. Press cancel to kill the program" when you print check.

bank check with logo

Step 3: Personalize the check layout if needed (Optional)

3.1 Click the top menu "Settings->Check layout" to open the check layout page. You can customize the layout by changing the font size, logo position, logo size or add a new label.

3.2 You can double click an item on check to select it. Then you can resize it or drag/drop it to a new location. If you are satisfied with the layout, please click the Save button to save your change.

bank check with logo

Step 4: Add a new check and print check from Mac.

4.1 Go back to the check list screen. Click the New button to add a check.

bank check with logo

4.2 Select the check(s) from the check list and click the Print button to print check(s).

print bank check with logo

4.3 Preview check(s)

print bank check

4.4 Print checks

After you click the printer icon on preview screen, you will see the printer option screen. If you do not want to use the default printer, you can select a different printer in this step.

printer option

print checks

Please feel free to download and try ezCheckPrinting Software with no obligation. No registration is needed.


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