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ezPaycheck Mac: Invalid License Key

When you run ezPaycheck Mac trial version, you will see license pop up screen. Once you register the license, this pop up screen will not display again. To deposit the checks, you need to register the license code to print checks without TRIAL watermarks.

In this guide, you will find:

  • "Invalid key code" issue & solution
  • How to purchase/retrieve the license

  • ezPaycheck Mac License Key Issue and Solution

    #1: You entered the wrong license key or installed the wrong software *****

    The license codes of different version are different. You will see this error if
    - You entered the ezPaycheck Windows version key to the Mac version;
    - You entered another sofware key (ie: ezCheckPrinting key) here.

    sample ezPaycheck license

    ezPaycheck license input

    How to purchase/retrieve the license

  • If you are a new customer or if you are a previous customer (ie: You purchased ezPaycheck previous version and need the new license for current version), you can purchase license from our site.

  • If you lost your license (ie: You purchased ezPaycheck 2019 license and cannot find 2019 license):

  • - Please search your email account for the license key message from "".

    - If you cannot find the license message from your email account, please contact us to resend it..