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How to Import Employee and W2 Data from .csv File

As an employer, you are required to print W-2 forms for your employees and file w-2 form to government. If you discover an error, you may need to file Forms W-2c (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) and W-3c (Transmittal of Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) as soon as possible.

There are two options to import data from .csv file into ezW2Correction software.

  • Option 1: Import both previous and corrected W2 data (available with Enterprise version only)

  • Option 2: Import previous W2 data only (available with both Advanced Version and Enterprise version)

  • Step 1: Download Sample Data Files to Test Data Import Feature

    If you are a new client, we would like to suggest you test with our sample data files. If it works, you can add your data to the file and import data.

  • Sample Data Files Download Link
  • You can download the download sample files from the link below. You need to unzip it after downloading. Please feel free to contact us to request the sample files by email if you cannot download the zip file.

  • How to convert Excel file to .csv file
  • If your data is saved in Excel file, you can convert it easily by clicking Excel top menu "File", then click "Save As" to save it as .csv (comma delimited) file.

    Step 2: Delete Forms before You Import the New Data (Optional)

    If you have test forms or bad forms in your W2C form list, please remove them before you import W2C form from .csv file.

    delete W2 data

    Step 3: Import Employee and Form W2C Data

    Here are two options to import W2C data from .csv file. Please follow the right direction

    Note: If you are using ezW2Correction trial version, you can test the import function to veriry your data. But you cannot save your data into database.

    Option 1: Import Both Previous and Correction W2 Data

    This function is available with ezW2Correction Enterprise version only.

    import W2 correction data menu

    w2c software import w2 correction data
    Import screen (click image to enlarge)

  • 1.1 Specify the Year information

  • ezW2Correction can support tax forms for last 10 years.

  • 1.2 Open .csv file which has both previous and correction W2 data

  • If the .csv file is opened with Excel or other application now, please close it. You cannot open the same file with two applications at the same time.

  • 1.3 Tab I data mapping

  • 1.4 Tab II correction data mapping

  • 1.5 Parse data by clicking the "Test Parse" button

  • 1.6 Import both previous and correction data into database by clicking the "Import" button.

  • Note: Just click the Import button once!

  • 1.7 Save data mapping (optional)

  • Option 2: Import Previous W2 Data Only

    This function is available inside advance and enterprise versions.

    You can click the top menu “Current Company" then click sub menu "Import W2 CSV” button. You can follow the structions to import data.

    import W2 data menu

    w2c software import w2 data
    Import screen (click image to enlarge)

    Step 4: Review, Print or e-file W2C and W3C Tax Forms

    After you import data, you can click the top menu "Current Company" then the sub menu "Form W2C" to review forms. Please make sure you did not import duplicate data or you have removed test data.

  • How to print W2C forms

  • How to print W3C forms

  • How to e-File W2C & W3C forms

  • Trouble Shooting

    1. Access Violation Error
    Please close the .csv file before you import data if you are viewing the data file with MS Excel. You cannot open the same file with two applications at the same time.

    2. Other Errors

    Most data importing errors are caused by data format issue.

    - Please download our sample data file and test it.

    - If it works, you can add one line of your data.

    - If it works, you can add more data.

    W2c software With ezW2Correction, you can paper print, PDF print and efile W-2C and W-3C forms for the previous 10 years. The white paper printing and data import features can save you valuable time and money.

    Please feel free to test drive ezW2Correction demo version for free before purchasing with no registration needed and no obligation. You can follow the step by step online instructions to finish the installation in minutes

    ezW2Correction software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2003 Vista and other Windows computers.

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