ezCheckPersonal Mac: License Issue

(Click to view the solution for Windows Version )

Step 1: Find the software name and version number

Click ezCheckPersonal top menu "help", then sub menu "About ezCheckPersonal" to found software name and version.

Note: The licenses for ezCheckPersonal version 3 and version 2 are different. ezCheckPersonal version 3 was released on Sep 9, 2019 and you can make in-app purchase from Apple Store only.

Step 2: Solution

Step 2.1 ezCheckPersonal Version 3 Solution

Step 2.1.1 Please review your Apple Store orders to make sure the order of ezCheckPersonal Mac version 3 completed.

Step 2.1.2 If you have multiple Apple Accounts, please make sure you install and purchase ezCheckPersonal with the same Apple ID.

Step 2.1.3 If your order completed, please start ezCheckPersonal and click the "Restore Purchases" button to retrieve your license from Apple Store.

If you cannot retrieve your order, restart your Mac computer and try one more time!

ezCheckPersonal enter license

Step 2.2 ezCheckPersonal Version 2 Solution

Please copy and paste ezCheckPersonal Version 5 keycode including dashes ("-") to license input screen.

If you cannot find your license of ezCheckPersonal version 2, please contact us

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