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ezCheckPersonal Check Writer: How to Transfer the License to a New Computer

1. Transfer the ezCheckPersonal license to a new computer

1.1 Unregister ezCheckPersonal license from the old computer

- Start ezCheckPersonal on the old computer, click the top menu "Help" then click the sub menu "register/unregister license key".

- Unregister the license key.

1.2 Register ezCheckPersonal license on the new computer

2. Add an extra computer

If you need to run ezCheckPersonal from multiple computers, please contact us for the special upgrade link.


1. License registration issue and solution

2. Choose the right version to download

You can downlaod ezCheckPersonal version current version and previous versions at

3. How to know my software name and version number

ezCheckPersonal version 5.0 was release in Nov. 2020. ezCheckPersonal version 4.0 was release in Feb. 2017 and version 3.0 was released in Dec. 2014. The licenses for different versions are different. You can check your current software name and version by clicking the ezCheckPersonal top menu "help" then "About ezCheckPersonal".

about ezCHeckPersonal

  • License key message

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