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ez1099 Software: How to Import Recipients from Spreadsheet


With ez1099 software, you can import 1099 recipient data from the external file in a few clicks. There are several options:

  • Import recipient data from .csv file
  • Import recipient from QuickBooks .iif file.

  • Followings are the steps to import recipient data from .csv file

    How to convert data to .csv file

  • If your data is saved in Excel file, you can convert it easily by clicking Excel top menu "File", then click "Save As" to save it as .csv (comma delimited) file.

  • If you saved data in access, sql server or other database, you can export data to .csv file first.

    Download sample file to test 1099 data import function

    If you need some data to test this import function, you can click here to download sample recipient. You need to unzip the data before testing the import function.

    Step 1: Launch ez1099 software.

    Start ez1099 software. If you have not installed it, you are welcome to download the trial version and test drive it with no obligation.

    1099 software ez1099 software can prepare, print and efile forms 1099s, 1096, 1098s and 5498s.

    Download the free trial version today with no registration is needed and no obligation. You can follow the step by step online instructions to finish the installation in minutes

    ez1099 software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and other Windows OS.

    1099 free download     purchase 1099 software

    Step 2: Clear recipient list (optional)

    If you have test data, please remove it.

    Step 3: Import data

    3.1 You can access this Import screen by clicking the top menu "Imports/Exports" then "Import Recipients".

    3.2 Open data file

    If your data file is opened by other application (ie: Excel) now, please close it before you import data with ezW2 software. You cannot open the same file with two applications.

    3.3 Map data

    3.4 Click the "Test Parse" button to validate data

    3.5 Import Data

    Step 4: Edit and file forms.

    Close the data import screen. Then you can follow this ez1099 quick start guide to edit form and file forms.


    1. Access Violation Error
    Solution: If your data file is opened by other application (ie: Excel) now, please close it before you import data with ez1099 software. You cannot open the same file with two applications. Please restart ezW2 and try it again.

    2. Other errors
    1. Please download our sample data files and test the import function.

    2. If our sample data file works, you can add a few rows of your data and import data again.

    3. Then add more data the file and import data


    1. Form 1096 will be generate automatically based on form 1099 information

    2. ez1099 allows user to set up unlimited companies with one flat rate. So if you have multiple companies or you are an accountant, you can add new company by clicking top menu “Company Management->New company”

    Still have questions?

    help image If you have still have questions, you can also check the FAQs page or contact us at support page. We are glad to assist you as soon as possible.

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