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ez1095 Software: Running Issue and Solution

Question from client

I cannot click the ez1095 desktop to run ez1095. How to fix it?


Several reasons can cause this issue. Plesae view the solutions below.

Reason 1: Desktop shortcut is broken

Solution 1: Start ez1095 from program folder

1.1 You can start this ez1095 software from program folder

The default program folder is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Halfpricesoft\ez1095(20xx)

1.2 You can double click ez1095.exe to run it.

1.3 You can remove the old desktop shortcut and create a new shortcut on desktop.

Reason 2: ez1095 software is blocked by anti-spy application by mistake

According to clients' feedback, the following applications may stop our software from downloading or running.

- 2.1 Bitdefender - from Romania.
Our clients said they could edit the setting to allow our software running.

- 2.2 webroot - Our clients said they could edit the settings to allow our software

- 2.3 Kaspersky - from Russia. If you are still using it, please read this warning news

- 2.4 Windows Defender - You can try the following solutions:

2.4.1. Add an exclusion to Windows Defender Antivirus

2.4.2. Allow a blocked app in Windows Defender Security Center

Reason 3: Settings file is crashed

Solution 3: Create a new settings file

The default database folder is:

  • 3.1 Copy settings.xml to other location as a backup
  • 3.2 Remove settings.xml from this folder

    setting file

  • 3.3 start ez1095 to generate the default settings file. ez1095 will start in trial mode and you need to enter the key code again. (You can find the key code in your email account that you used for this order)

    Reason 4: ez1095 application is crashed

    Solution 5: Reinstall ez1095

  • 4.1 As a precaution, backup ez1095 data.

  • 4.2 Uninstall ez1095

  • 4.3 Download ez1095

    Reason 5: Current user does not have enough permission to run ez1095 and access data

    Solution 5: Give current user permission to run ez1095 and access data

    We suggest the log in user has the full control permission (at least read, write and execute) of the following two folders.

    The default application folder is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Halfpricesoft\ez1095(20xx)

    The default database folder is:

    start ez1095 again. If it does not fix this issue, continue.

    Still Need Assistance

    If your company allows us to remotely access your computer to assist you, you can email us at or submit support request from our support page. We will email you the guide to set up remote access support during normal business hours.

    We provide this remote support via teamviewer and you can click here to view the service charge.

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