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How to Generate IRS ACA Test Case Scenarios - File 1095 Forms Electronically

What is AATS test scenarios?

AATS (Assurance Testing System) refers to both the process and the system used to test software and electronic transmissions prior to accepting Software Developers, Transmitters and Issuers into the AIR System. IRS requires software developer to pass the eight test scenarios. Transmitters and Issuers must successfully submit one of the eight test submissions, with the associated scenarios.

Do I need to pass testing each year?

According to IRS document, no additional testing is needed if a transmitters or an issuers passed it before. Learn more here

How to generate test scenarios E-files by using ez1095?

For testing, you cannot use your real company data!!! We have prepared all data for you. You just need to download it from our site and enter your TCC to generate the XML files.

Step 1. If you have not applied TCC(Transmitter Control Code), please apply TCC in advance.

Anyone who need to E-file ACA forms (1095B/C) will need a TCC code to file in AIR system.
  • How to apply TCC

  • Step 2. Download and install the latest version of ez1095 software on your computer

    IRS ACA testing site (AATS) accepts 2022 schema only. Please use ez1095 2022 software to generate the XML files for testing.

    Step 3: There are eight database file for each of the test scenarios, download the case match your situation.

    For the description of the test scenarios, please go to Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) Assurance Testing System (AATS) includes test scenario information.

    IRS published the new requirements for 2022-2023 reporting season. Please download the new test file if you downloaded it before Nov 9, 2022.

    For 1094/1095B scenarios

    Data file for test scenarios 1 (Most clients can use this one)
    Data file for test scenarios 2
    Data file for test scenarios 2 Correction

    For 1094/1095C scenarios

    Data file for test scenarios 3 (Most clients can use this one)
    Data file for test scenarios 4
    Data file for test scenarios 4 Correction
    Data file for test scenarios 5
    Data file for test scenarios 5 Correction

    ez1095 software database file is .mdb file. You can NOT open this file manually or with Microsoft Access. You must open the file with ez1095 ACA software. After you download the test data file, please follow the step 4 and 5 below to read the data file.

    Step 4: After downloading the test scenario data file, you need to unzip it and use ez1095 restore feature to copy the file to 1095 software data folder

    4.1 Download file.

    4.2 Unzip file.

    4.3 Restore file.

    4.3.1 Click the top menu "Company Management" then "Retore Company"

    select test case file

    4.3.2: Select the file
    restore company

    4.3.3 Change the current account
    change current company

    Step 5: Select the new downloaded file as the current one if you did not do it on step 4.3.3

    restore company

    Step 6: Input your own TCC and generate the efile documents

    We have prepared all data for you. You just need to enter your own TCC. Do not modify the company EIN, company name, address and other employee data. For testing, you cannot use your real company data!!!

    6.1 Click the top menu "Current company" then "efile 1095/1094" button to view efile screen

    efile 1095

    6.2 Input your TCC and generate efile documents
    generate efile 1095

    Your default efile location will be in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Halfpricesoft\ez1095(201X)" directory. You can change it if needed.

    Step 7: Upload files to IRS site

    There are two files to be uploaded to IRS:

  • "Manifest_soapheader_xxxxxx.xml"- this is the manifest file
  • "1094X_Request_YourTCC_xxxxx.xml"- this is the data file

  • PLEASE DO NOT MODIFY FILES. Please record the Receipt ID after uploading.

    IRS Upload Site Link

    On the IRS AIR Program screen, click the "User Interface (UI) ACA Assurance Testing System (AATS)" to access the testing site.

    1095 form efile IRS link

    After uploading the files, login IRS ACA UI channel to check the status by inputing TCC and the Receipt ID. If the status is "Accepted", you can call IRS at 1-866-937-4130 to change the status to "Production". If they don't give you call back in 48 hours. Please contact them again.

    Step 8: How can I know if my TCC has been moved into production

    You can check the status from your e-Services Account.

    8.1. Click on the link:

    8.2. Click: Access e-Services (on left menu of the screen)

    8.3. Click: Login or Register

    8.4 Click: (ACA) your company name...

    8.5. Click: Application

    8.6 Click: ACA Application for TCC

    8.7 In the Processed Applications section, click on the View Summary Page actions button. (It is the blue eye icon)

    You will find the status

    T = TEST

    The Form Status Indicator for a Transmitter or Issuer will initially be set to Test "T" and once the required testing is successfully completed, will be set to Production "P".

    When the Form Status Indicator is set to Test "T", submissions can only be made to AATS. Once the Form Status Indicator has been set to Production P, submissions using that TCC may not be made to AATS and can only be made to Production.

    Call IRS at 1-866-937-4130 to change the status to "Production" after IRS accepted your testing efile. If they don't give you call back in 48 hours, please contact them again.

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