ezCheckPersonal for Mac: How to Add, Edit, Switch and Delete an Account

With ezCheckPersonal Mac, you can print the pocket-sized personal checks to pay bills easily. Here is guide to management the bank accounts.

Click the top menu "Accounts" to view the options.

. ezCheckPersonal accounts menu s

1. Edit/View Current Account

account setup

2. New Account: Add a new bank account

You can use this option to add a new account. You can also use the "duplicate the current account" to add a new account by copying the current account.

Please add a new account name with letters and numbers only. Some computers may not support the special characters in the file name.

3. Select Account: Switch the current account

You can use this function view a different account.

switch account

4. Delete Account

You can use this function to remove an account. Once this account is removed, you cannot undo it!

delete an account

5. Backup Current Account

6. Duplicate Current Account: You can use this feature to add a new account by duplicating the current account.

7. Restore Account

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