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What Permissions Are Required to Run Employee Time Clock

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We are excited to announce the release of the new online version. Please feel free to test drive and give us your feedback. We continue to support the desktop version.

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ezTimeSheet employee timeclock automates time tracking on attendance, PTO, vacation, sick and eliminates payroll errors. You can install in on a shared machine as punch clock and you can also install it on each employee machine for time tracking.

To use this software, user needs to have enough permission to run ezTimeSheet application and access database file.


We installed ezTimeSheet on multiple machines. However, we got "Stopped Working" error on one machine. It works on other machines with no problem. How to fix it?


Most likely this issue was caused by the permissions. Here are the steps to check and fix it:

1. Start ezTimeSheet from program folder

We noticed some customers could not run ezTimeSheet because the desktop shortcut was broken. You can also start this software from program folder

The default program folder is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Halfpricesoft\ezTimeSheet
C:\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezTimeSheet

You can double click ezTimeSheet.exe file to run it. (If your system hides extension, you just double click ezTimeSheet). If it works, you can delete the old desktop shortcut and follow this article to create a new shortcut on desktop.

2. Generate the new settings file

- Open this folder

- rename "settings.xml" file to "settings_old.xml".

- restart ezTimeSheet

if it works, you may need to enter the key code again and switch current account. If it does not work, move to step 3.

3. Please make sure the login user have enough permission to run this software. You can refer to this article

Then you can restart ezTimeSheet. If it does not help, go to step 4.

4. Please make sure the user have enough permissions to access the database file. He needs at least write, read and execute permissions.

- You can open Windows Explore, navigate to the database folder on the server or your local machine

- Select the database file by mouse, right click to view properties. The user need to have read, write and execute permisson.

view database properties

view database permission

If step 4 does not help, move to step 5.

5. Contact us

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