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ezTimeSheet Time Clock Software FAQs:

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  • Network Set up

  • Attendance Management
  • Leave Management
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      General Question about ezTimeSheet TimeClock Software:

    • 1. Is ezTimeSheet employee attendance tracking software for me?
      Yes, it is for you. As a business owner, there are few things more valuable than a tool that puts more hours back into your day, simplifies your life, and saves your money that he can re-invest into your business. ezTimeSheet, the easy-to-use and flexible employee attendance and time tracking software, does all of that and more.

      - It reduces payroll costs. Due to overlapping time clock entries, the average employer overpay is 2.5%. ezTimeSheet eliminates this problem.

      - It saves time. The program calculates time and gross pay automatically, preventing the need for owners or administrators to complete the task.

      - It adds value. You can use the employee attendance data for business analysis, including scheduling and other essential day-to-day functions.

      Trying ezTimeSheet is risk-free! It fits for small to mid-size company and offers flexible, easy to use features.

    • 2. Can I try ezTimeSheet for free?
      Yes, you can download the 1-Employee version from download page and try with no cost and no obligation.

    • 3. Do we need to pay monthly fee or other fee to use ezTimeSheeet?
      There is no hidden cost in using ezTimeSheet. You just purchase ezTimeSheet once and enjoy it forever. You will not see recurring bills.

    • 4. Can use the vacation and leave tracking feature only. We do not need Clock In/Out features.
      Yes, you can use vacation and leave tracking only.

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      Download, Install and Uninstiall ezTimeSheet:

    • What is the system requirements for ezTimeSheet?
      ezTimeSheet works on Windows 98/NT/Me/2003/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, 32-bit/64-bit system.

    • How can I share the database from multiple computers?
      You can copy the ezTimeSheet.mdb database or its backup to any shared network folder and setup the application to use the network database. Please refer to database setting.

    • How to uninstall ezTimeSheet Timeclock software?
      Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features. Select ezTimeSheet from program list, and then click Uninstall.

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      Purchase and Upgrade ezPaycheck

    • 1. What is cost of using ezTimeSheet?
      Just purchase ezTimeSheet from our site. There is NO monthly, annual fee or other hidden cost.

    • 2. Can I get ezTimeSheet for free?
      Yes, you can download the one employee version and use it for free. If you need to add more employees, you need to purchase the license key from our site.

    • 3. I hired more employees. How can I upgrade my ezTimeSheet to support more employees?
      Just send us a message and let us know the email you used for your original order. We will send you the upgrade link.

    • 4. What is the cost to upgrade ezTimeSheet?
      From 5-user to 10-user version: $25
      From 5-user to unlimited-user version: $65
      From 10-user to unlimited-user version: $45

    • How to move ezTimeSheet to a new machine?

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      Use ezTimeSheet with Other Software

    • How can export payroll data to print check?
      ezTimeSheet features export function to export payroll data in CSV format to print. Use "Settings -> Export Check Data" under Administrator tab. Admin has to logged in to make this function enabled. Learn more details here

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      Trouble Shooting

    • Why ezTimeSheet suddenly stopped working?

    • We installed ezTimeSheet on multiple machines. However, we got "Stopped Working" error on one machine. It works other machines with no problem. How to fix it?
      Most likely this issue was caused by the persmissions. To use this time clock software, user needs to have enough permission to run ezTimeSheet application and access database file. You can learn more persmssion setup here

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