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1099 Form Printing: How to Fill Out and Print 1099 MISC Data On Red Pre-printed Forms for IRS

ez1099 can print 1099 misc forms Copy 1, 2, B, C on white paper. IRS does not certify the substitute forms right now. You need to print 1099-misc copy A and 1096 on the red-ink forms.

Option 1. Print one 1099 form for an employee
Option 2. Print multiple forms

If you need to print 2 forms on the same red sheet, please follow the option 2.

Option 1: Print the tax forms for one recipient

1.1 Start ez1099 software, select the recipient, select the form and click the Edit/Print Form button.

print 1099 misc on red forms

1.2 Click the Print button on Form

print 1099 form

1.3 Select "Data only" option to print data on red form.

print 1099 misc on red forms

Option 2: Print multiple forms on red form

Start ez1099 software, click the top menu "Print Multiple Forms" to view print option screen. Select the forms you need to print and click the PRINT button.

print 1099 form

Sample Forms

  • 1099 MISC Copy A

  • 1099 software ez1099 software can prepare, print and efile forms 1099s, 1096, 1098s and 5498s.

    If you do not have ez1099 software installed, you can download the trial version for free from No registration needed and no obligation. You can follow the step by step online instructions to finish the installation in minutes

    This 1099 software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and others Windows computers too.

    1099 free download     purchase 1099 software

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