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ezPaycheck Quick Start Guide

How to Share Payroll Data With Google Drive with the Same Google Account

In house Payroll Softwware ezPaycheck automates and streamline payroll processing for small businesses. With the multiple-user version, multiple users can share the same payroll data with Google Drive easily.

Here are the two options for multiple users to share the same payroll data:
  • Option 1: With the same Google Drive account

  • Option 2: With the different Google Drive accounts

  • Option 1: Multiple computers share the payroll data with the same Google Drive account

    1.1 First computer: Install Google Drive app for Windows

    1.1.1 Go to the Google Drive website, sign in to your Google account, create a new folder to store ezPaycheck data. (ie: "Shared ezPaycheck") Google Drive add a new folder

    1.1.2 Download and install the Google Drive for desktop by following the guide from Google

    Google Desk Drive

    1.1.3 Then you will see Google Drive on your local computer.

    Google Desk Drive

    1.2. First computer: Install and set up ezPaycheck

  • 1.2.1. Download and install ezPaycheck on the first computer and enter license key.

  • 1.2.2. Start ezPaycheck application, set up company, enter the employee information and print one test check to make sure ezPaycheck works normally.

    You can learn more from ezPaycheck Quick Start Guide.

  • 1.2.3. Copy this database file from the local computer to the Google Drive folder

  • Click the top menu "Company" then click "Duplicate Current Account" sub menu to copy current database file to a network folder.

    add or duplicate account

    copy data to a google drive folder

  • 1.2.4. Switch the current account to ezPaycheck database .mdb file in Google Drive folder
  • - Click top menu "Company" and click sub menu "Select Company" to open Switch Account screen. (If you are using the network version, you will be able to change the data folder directory.)

    - Change the current directory to the ezPaycheck data folder on Google drive.
    - Select the database file
    - Click the OK button to save your change.

    select paycheck account

    1.3 Set up 2nd computer

    1.3.1 Install Google Drive app for Windows
    (Follow step 1.1. You will see the ezPaycheck database .mdb file from the ezPaycheck folder.)

    1.3.2 Install ezPaycheck payroll software and register license
    (You do not need to set up ezPaycheck.)

    1.3.3 Switch the current account to ezPaycheck database .mdb file in Google Drive folder

    (Follow step 1.2.4)

    1.4 Set up other computers if needed

    1.5 If you add one paycheck from one computer, the database will update automatically on other computer(s).

    You can click the "Refresh" button to refresh paycheck list. If you have high speed internet, you will see the new check quickly.

    refresh ezPaycheck list

    Option 2: Multiple computers share the payroll data with different Google accounts

    Please click the link above to view more details.

    payroll software

    ezPaycheck Makes 2024 Payroll An Easy, In-House Task!

    (For Windows and Mac)

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