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1095 XML File: Address Error and Solution

Step 1: Error description

ERROR (Line 21): The 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:AddressLine1Txt' element is invalid - The value 'Forest Spring road #1523' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:StreetAddressType' - The Pattern constraint failed.

Step 2: Reason

IRS does to accept the special character(s) for address field.

Step 3: Solution:

Please use letter and number only for address field. You can fix this error by changing 'Forest Spring road #1523' to 'Forest Spring road Apt 1523' or 'Forest Spring road Ste 1523'

1). Find the 1095 form

How to read XML file data by line number with NOTEPAD application

2). After you fixed the error(s), you MUST generate the XML files with ez1095 software again. Please DO NOT modify XML documents manually!!!

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