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FTB File Exchange System - CA 1094 1095 Testing


ez1095 software can generate the XML documents you can upload to CA site to report health insurance information. The efile XML documents include 1095 forms and 1094 form. If you are a first time efiler, please follow this guide from step 1.

Step 1: If you are a first-time efiler, please register online

How to register online

Step 2: Install the latest version of ez1095 software

  • ez1095 Download Link

  • Step 3: Download the sample testing files

    3.1 Download 1095 Testing files

    You CANNOT submit your real company data for testing!!!.

    Review FTB File Exchange System - 1094 1095 Testing Specifications
    : - You can build your test file according to FTB File Exchange System - 1094 1095 Technical Specifications,
    - or you can use our pre-built test file.

    5 Test Case files for CA:

    Required Submissions for 1094/1095-B:

    Required Submissions for 1094/1095-C:

    3.2: After downloading the test scenario data file, you need to unzip it and use ez1095 restore feature to copy the file to 1095 software data folder

    3.3 Unzip file

    3.4 Restore file

    Click ez1095 top menu "Company Management" then "Restore Company" to move the data file to the data folder.

    restore company

    3.5 Select the new downloaded file as the current account

    switch company

    3.6 Input your own CA-TCC and contact information, and generate the efile documents

  • Find your CA-TCC Test Code from your CA FTB account

  • CA TCC code

  • Enter tranmitter information.

  • Step 4: Submit test transmissions for the required scenarios

  • MEC FX Portal

    Step 5: After you receive "Production" CA-TCC, you are ready for file the production data.

    Once all required test scenarios transmissions have an "Accepted" status, FTB will review the test outcomes and issue the "production" CA-TCC. If after 3 business days your "production" CA-TCC has not been issued, contact the FX System help desk.

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