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Direct Deposit: How to Import Transaction Data from External File

ezACH deposit software can import paycheck data from ezPaycheck payroll software and ezCheckPrinting software. It can also import transaction data from .csv file. Here are the steps:

Sample Data files

If you need the files for testing, you can download zipped test files here. You need to unzip them after downloading.

You can follow this file format to add your data.

Step 1: Start ezACH software.

If you have not installed ezACH deposit software, you can download and try it free at

Step 2: Click top menu "Import", then click sub menu "Import Transactions from CSV File" to open the Import Transactions screen

Step 3: Follow instruction on screen

  • select the external file
  • Map columns
  • Test parse data
  • Import data

    3.1 If you have not entered/imported clients, you can import transactions with bank information to add clients and transactions.

    3.2 If you have already entered/imported clients with bank settings, you can import amount only.

    3.3 Results

    Step 4: Transaction List

    When you go back to the transaction list, review transactions and generate ACH file.

    More functions

  • How to create ACH file

  • How to upload ACH file to your bank to process transactions

  • How to import vendor from .csv file

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