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ezPaycheck Payroll Software: How To Add, Edit and Customize Paycheck MEMO

In house payroll software ezPaycheck is very flexible. This payroll software supports federal and state unemployment taxes. Here is the step by step guide to How To Add, Edit and Customize MEMO field on paychecks

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1. Enter Memo

When you add a new check, you can enter the MEMO field. The default value is "Pay check". You can edit it.

enter paycheck memo

2. Edit Memo field after a paycheck is created

You can select this paycheck from check list, then click the view button to edit the MEMO field.

3. Hide MEMO

if you do not need MEMO field, you can leave it blank when you add a new check or you can set memo field invisible from check layout screen.

How to make MEMO invisible:
  • 1) Start ezPaycheck payroll software

  • 2) Click the left menu "checks" then "Check setup" to view check setup screen.

  • 3) Click the "check layout setup" button to view the check layout screen.

  • check setup

  • 4) Select "MEMO" from Item Picker drop down list, uncheck "visible" option box and click the SAVE button

  • hide memo on paycheck

    4. Customize MEMO field

  • 1). Hide default MEMO field from check laytout screen. (Please refer to steps above about how to make MEMO invisible).

  • 2) Add a customized field to check

  • - select one customized text field from item picker dropdown list.
    - set it visible
    - enter item text
    - use mouse, drag and drop this field to target location.

    customize memo on paychecks

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