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Why ezCheckPrinting software suddenly stopped working

Question from customer:
I have used ezCheckPrinting for more than two years. But I could not start ezCheckPrinting software this morning and got "ezCheckPrinting stops working error". How can I fix this error?

Solution: Usually such error is caused by permission issue. Please make sure you log on your machine as administrator or a user with enough permission to run ezCheckPrinting.

If you are administrator now, please try the solution below.

free check printing software ezCheckPrinting allows customers to design and print professional checks with MICR encoding and logo on blank stock. You can use it as stand-alone computer check writer, you can also use it with QuickBooks, Quicken and other software.

If you have not installed this software, you can download and try it free with no obligation and no credit card needed.

This check printing software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Me, 2003, 2000 and Apple Mac systems.

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Solution 1: Start ezCheckPrinting from program folder

We noticed some customers could not run ezCheckPrinting because the desktop shortcut was broken. You can also start this check printing software from program folder

The default program folder is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Halfpricesoft\ezCheckPrinting

You can double click ezCheckPrinting.exe file to run it. (If your system hides extension, you just double click ezCheckPrinting). If it works, you can delete the old desktop shortcut and follow this article to create a new shortcut on desktop.

Solution 2: Create a new settings file

The default database folder is:

Open data folder and rename settings.xml to settings_old.xml. rename setting file

start ezCheckPrinting again. ezCheckPrinting will start in trial mode and you need to enter the key code again. (You can find the key code in your email account that you used for this order)

Solution 3: Give current user permission to access data

Open ezCheckPrinting data folder and make sure you have enough permission to access data.

If not, we suggest full control permission (at least read, write and execute) on this folder.

The default database folder is:

start ezCheckPrinting again. If it does not fix this issue, continue.

Solution 4: Run ezCheckPrinting as administrator

You can check this article on how to run a program as the administrator.

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