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Payroll Software for New Hampshire

Easy & Affordable Payroll Tax Solution for
New Hampshire Small Businesses, Non-profits and Accountants

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ezPaycheck software makes payroll an easy job!
  • Calculate payroll taxes
  • Print paychecks on blank stock and pre-printed check paper
  • Print tax form W2, W3, 940 and 941
  • Generate reports to prepare data for other state and local tax forms
  • No monthly fee and no hidden cost.

  • You are welcome to test drive ezPaycheck for free before purchasing with no cost and no obligation.


    New Hampshire Withholding Tables (Payroll Taxes)

    New Hampshire State Tax Site

    Quick Start Guide for ezPaycheck Payroll Software


    #1. ezPaycheck makes it easy to calculate federal tax, state tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, FUTA, SUTA and others.

    ezPaycheck payroll software automatically calculates the NH state income tax. The image below shows the company New Hampshire State Tax Setup inside ezPaycheck payroll software:
  • User can specify NH State Unemployment Tax Rate here
  • User can specify NH State Unemployment Tax Wage Limit here
    New Hampshire payroll company setup

    #2. Flexible Tax Options

    ezPaycheck calculates payroll taxes and deductions based on employee's address. When user set up employee profile,
  • User can specify federal tax options here
  • User can specify NH state tax options here
  • New Hampshire payroll employee tax setup

    #3 ezPaycheck can handle NH local taxes and deductions

  • ezPaycheck is very flexible. User can use the Custom Deduction field to handle New Hampshire state, city, local taxes and deductions (ie: SDI, occupation tax, SEP or others).
  • New Hampshire payroll deduction setup

    #4. Flexible Pay Period Options and Payment Types

    ezPaycheck payroll software can support daily weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods. You can pay employee by salayr, hourly rate, tips, commissions, milage rate, piece rate and others.

  • How to Edit Pay Period

  • How to Create a Paycheck by Salary Rate

  • How to Create a Paycheck by Hourly Rate

  • #5. Print Paychecks on Blank Stock or Pre-printed Blank Stock

    ezPaycheck payroll software can prints paychecks on both blank stock and pre-printed checks. You can print paycheck with stubs in the following formats:
  • Check-on-top
  • Check-in-middle
  • Check-at-bottom

  • Paycheck check-on-top formatk     Paycheck check-at-bottom format     Data only for pre-printed check paper

    #6. With ezPaycheck, you can file W2, W3, 941, 940 and other tax returns easily and in time.

  • How to print tax forms W2, W3, 940 and 941

  • How to file state and local tax returns

  • How to make federal tax deposit

  • download payroll software     purchase payroll software

    Why should you try ezPaycheck payroll software? For a number of reasons, beginning with

  • The best payroll tax software for any small- to mid-sized business or accountants with UNLIMITED FREE program support, all in a single affordable package.

  • User friendly interface design and Windows menus make our payroll software quick and easy to set up, use and understand.

  • Works within ezPaycheck payroll accounting software, so there's nothing new to learn and no double entry.
  • ezPaycheck payroll software help you save money by printing your checks on blank computer checks.

  • Accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, taxes and benefits. Also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information.
  • Supports customized wages or deductions to handle commissions, tips in restaurants, the special local taxes, pay-by-piece or pay-by-stop.
  • Flexible tax options for unique needs of churches & non-profits

  • Instead of paying $200 a month to some accounting company, you can only spend $139 a year for all your payroll needs.

    30 DAYS FREE
  • Download and try this paycheck software free for 30 days. No registration needed. No obligation.

  • ezPaycheck works on both Windows and Mac

  • What is the cost of using ezPaycheck payroll software?

  • How to handle tips in restaurants?

  • How to handle pay-by-piece rate?

  • How to handle the local taxes?

  • How to add customized deduction and withdraw it automatically?

  • How to set up tax options for church and non-profits?

  • How to handle SDI tax?

  • download payroll software     purchase payroll software