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ezPaycheck Payroll Software: Tax Settings for Churches and Non-Profits

ezPaycheck payroll software offers customizable tax deduction options tailored to individual employees, making it an ideal solution for non-profits and businesses with unique tax situations. This is particularly beneficial for churches and other religious organizations that do not deduct FICA taxes for clergy members.

Users can easily check or uncheck tax options when setting up an employee's profile, simplifying the payroll process and ensuring accurate tax management.

1. View employee profile.

1.1 Start ezPaycheck application, click the left menu "Employees" then click the sub menu "List Employee" to view employee list.

1.2 Select the target employee from list and edit.

edit employee

2. Edit the tax option

2.1 Click the next button until you see taxes screen

2.2 Edit tax options.

For example: For nonprofits and churches that do not need to deduct FICA taxes for clergy members and some employees, you can uncheck Social Security tax and Medicare tax here.

church employee tax options

3. Save the change

Click the Next button and save the employee settings.