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What is the cost of using ezCheckPrinting QuickBooks Virtual Printer


Printing QuickBooks/Quicken checks on blank stock is easy with ezCheckPrinting for QuickBooks bundle version, which includes both ezCheckPrinting and QB virtual printer.

Any monthly fee or annual fee? No

There is no monthly fee, no annual fee and no hidden cost to use ezCheckPrinting software.

Add a new bank account? No extra cost

ezCheckPrinting software single user version can support unlimited bank accounts and unlimited check printing with no extra charge on the same computer. Many of clients are CPAs with many clients. You can select the bank account when you print a QuickBooks/Quicken check with QB virtual printer.

Any cost to transfer ezCheckPrinting to a new computer if my computer is crashed?

No extra cost if you will use the same version.

For example: You purchased ezCheckPrinting for QB version 6. You can transfer ezCheckPrinting for QB version 6 to a new computer for free if your old computer is crashed. However, if you want to use ezCheckPrinting for QB version 7 on the new computer, you need to purchase the new license.

Is it free to update ezCheckPrinting software?

If you purchased ezCheckPrinting version 7, you will get updates for version 7 for free. If you purchased version 6 or previous version, you need to purchase the new license key to use Version 7.

Do I need to update each time when a new version is available?

It is optional. If you can print QuickBooks/Quicken checks from your computer with no problem, you do not need to update ezCheckPrinting. For example: Some of our clients are still using ezCheckPrinting for QB version 5 with QuickBooks 2013 on Windows XP today.

Support: Free Email, Live Chat, Phone and Forum Support

We will charge for remote access support and customized design support. We are glad to assist you before and after purchasing ezPaycheck software.

Multiple-user license

If you need to install ezCheckPrinting software on more than one computer or you have multiple users in your company to print QB checks, you need to purchase the multiple-user version. Multiple-user version allows multiple users to share the same database across network.

Test Drive: Try ezCheckPrinting free demo version with no obligation and no cost until you confirm compatibility

To print QuickBooks/Quicken check on blank stock, you will need both ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer. You are welcome test ezCheckPrinting free demo version with no obligation and no credit card needed. (Note: The trial version will print the trial watermarks on checks. If you like ezCheckPrinting, you can purchase the license key to remove it. All your data will remain. No reinstallation is needed.)

More information: How to print QuickBooks checks on blank stock

  • click here to view Step by step guide from download to QB check printing

    free check printing software

    Print QuickBooks/Quicken Checks on Blank Stock In One Step

    Compatible with QuickBooks/Quicken Online, Desktop Version 2024, 2023, 2022 and previous versions.
    Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP and other versions.
    Unlimited accounts and checks wth one flat rate.

    Try ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer free demo today. No obligation. No credit card required.


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