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Switch to ezAccounting: How to Edit Account Opening Balance

ezAccounting -> Quick Start Guide -> Chart of Accounts

Customers can switch to ezAccounting software any time in a year. You may need to adjust the Opening balance of your checking account, saving account and other accounts before you add transactions.

For example: You will start to use ezAccounting software from Jan 1, 2015. You need to enter the Opening balance for your accounts.

Here is the step by step guide about how to enter the initial balance of your accounts.

1. Start ezAccounting software, click the "Chart of Account" button to view the beginning balance

2. Add a new account and enter the opening balance (optional)

If you cannot find account you need to use, you can rename the existing one, or add a new one.

When you add a new account, you can specify the Opening Balance.

3. Edit the balance for asset accounts

3.1 You can click the "Transfer" button on control panel to view the Account Transfer screen

3.2 You can transfer the money from checking account to the account that you need to edit the balance.

If you need to adjust the balance for other accounts also, repeat it.

3.3 Open Chart of Account again to view the new balance

4. Edit the balance for liability accounts

4.1 You can click the "Transfer" button on control panel to view the Account Transfer screen

4.2 You can transfer the money from the target account to the checking account.

4.3 Open Chart of Account again to view the new balance

5. Adjust the balance of checking accounts

5.1 After you edit the balance for the accounts, you can click the Reconcile button to adjust the balance of checking account

5.2 Then open chart of Account to view the final results

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  • More information about chart of accounts can be found from FAQs.
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