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ezAccounting Software: Bank Accounts and Checks

ezAccounting -> Quick Start Guide -> Manage Bank Accounts and Print Checks

With ezAccounting software, you can design and print professional-looking checks in house. You can print checks on blank stock and pre-printed checks.

Set up Checking Account and Print Checks

ezAccounting software can support multiple bank checking accounts. ezAccounting comes with one checking account by default. If your company has more than one checking accounts, please refer to this guide How to add a new checking account

  • Step 1: Set up Bank Account

  • You can click the top menu "Banking/Checks/Accounts", then click "Bank account setup" to view bank account list.

    bank checking account setup
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Select the checking account from list, then click the "Setup" button to view bank information
    bank setup
    (Click image to enlarge)

    -Input bank name.

    -Bank Routing Number.

    -Bank Account Number.

    -Check Number.

    -Optional Signature image.

    - Click the Save button to save your changes

  • Step 2: Choose Check Format(Optional)
  • 2.1 The default check format is Check-on-top. If you need to print checks in other formats (ie: bottom, middle or 3-per-page), you can click top menu "Company", then click "settings list" and choose "check print setup" option.

    2.2 You can choose the option to print check on blank stock or pre-printed check here. You can also choose check position here.

  • Step 3: Customize Check Layout(Optional)
  • You can click the top menu "Company" then "Check Layout" to view check layout screen. You can change font size, hide an item, move an item, resize logo or add extra fields on checks in this step.

  • Step 4: Write and Print a Check
  • You can click the top "Bank/Checks" tab then click the sub menu "Write Checks" to open the Check Writing screen
    add new check
    (Click image to enlarge)

    -Select Bank Account to write checks.

    -Add/Select payee, could be vendor, customer, employee.

    -Add the payment account allocation.

    - Click the Save button to save your changes
    - After save check, click "Print Check" to print new check

    print preview check

    Other Operations

    Settings Related to Check Printing

  • 1. Bank account set up

  • 2. Logo

  • 3. Signature

  • 4. Reset check number

  • 5. Check format: Top, Middle, Bottom or 3-per-page

  • 6. Check paper option: blank stock or pre-printed

  • 7. Printing alignment

  • Reconcile Bank Account

  • You can click the top "Bank/Checks" tab then click the sub menu "Reconcile" to open the Reconcile screen
    Reconcile bank account
    (Click image to enlarge)

    -Select transaction to reconcile bank account.

    -Input the bank statement amount.

    Transfer between Accounts

    You can click the top "Bank/Checks" tab then click the sub menu "Write Checks" to open the Transfer screen
    Reconcile bank account
    (Click image to enlarge)

    -Select From and To Account.

    -Input the amount to trnaser.

    -Click Save to save the transfer

    Need more information about how to pay others

    More information about Vendors and Bills can be found from FAQs.
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