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ezAccounting Software FAQs:

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  • General Questions
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  • Purchase and Update

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Company Management, Backup and Restore
  • Network and Multiple-user version

  • Sales and Customers
  • Vendors and Purchase
  • Employee and Payroll
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    General Question about ezAccounting Payroll Software:

    • Is ezAccounting for me?
      Trying ezAccounting Software is risk-free! We offer a hassle-free, 30-day trial period. It fits for small to mid-size companies and offers flexible, easy to use features.

    • Can I start ezAccounting in mid-year?
      Yes, you can start ezAccounting any time.

    • What is my cost of using ezAccounting payroll software?
      ezAccounting single user version is $189 per calendar year per installation. It can support unlimited companies, sales, vendors, employees, paychecks, bank accounts and tax forms with no extra charge. You can renew ezAccounting the second year at discount price. For example: ezAccounting 2014 Single user version can update it to ezAccounting 2015 at just $129.

    • I am your ezPaycheck customer. If I purchase ezAccounting, do you still need to renew my ezPaycheck payroll software?
      ezAccounting software includes ezPayroll software. If you decide to switch ezAccounting software, you can import all your ezPaycheck data into ezAccounting software. You do not need to renew ezPaycheck software again.

    • I do not know much about accounting and computer. Can I use this accounting software?
      Yes. ezAccounting is very easy-to-use. We intentionally engineered this software for those end-users who are not professional accountants and payroll tax experts.

      ezAccounting comes with sample database. Once you install this software, you are ready to generate your paycheck, sales, purchase order for trial purpose. Please feel free to try it.

    • Is Check Printing Legal?
      Yes, printing checks from your own printer is perfectly legal. However, they must be printed on check stock. (You cannot use plain white paper).

    • Do I need special printer toner?
      If you have pre-printed checks with MICR line, you can use any printer. If you need to print checks on blank stock, we suggest customers to use MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner and MICR ink for the best printing quality. However, many US bank are using Optical check reader today which can scan the checks printed on blank stock with regular office/home laser printers.A jet or dot matrix printer CAN'T be used to print checks on blank check stock.

    • Does the trial version have any limitations?
      The trial version or the download version is actually the full version with the only limitation that it will print the Trial images on checks, W2, W3. 940, 941 and 943 forms. It stops working after 30 days unless you activate it. You can activate the program at any time and all your data will remain there.

    • I've reinstalled ezAccounting and it is telling me that I have no more activations left. How do I activate the program now?
      Simply go to and click buy it now button.

    • When I try to install ezAccounting, it tells me I need to download the Microsoft .Net Framework. How do I do this?
      ezAccounting runs on the Microsoft .Net Framework, version 3.5. To download and install the framework, you visit Windows Update. The .Net Framework version 3.5 is listed as an available update for your computer. Select to install it. After it is installed you will be able to install and run ezAccounting.

    • Do I have to start using ezAccounting at the beginning of the year?
      No, you can start using ezAccounting Payroll at any time of the year.

    • Does it print W-2s and W-3s?
      Yes! You can print W-2 form Copy B, c and D on plain paper, complete and ready to use. You can print W-2 copy A and W-3 on pre-printed red-ink forms.

    • Does it print the MICR encoding on checks?
      Yes, ezAccounting does print the MICR encoding on checks. You can print MICR bank routing numbers, account numbers, check numbers and bank information on blank check stock using a laser printer.

    • Does ezAccounting handle pre-tax and after-tax deductions?
      Yes, ezAccounting Payroll has very flexible deduction set up capabilities that allow it to handle pre-tax and after-tax deduction.

    • Can I install ezAccounting on two computers and share the data?
      Yes. You should purchase 2-user version ezAccounting software to use it on two machine. The 2-user version allows customers to share data over network.

    • I am a CPA. Can ezAccounting support multiple client accounts?
      Yes. ezAccounting software can support unlimited client accounts on the same machine with no extra charge.

    • Is internet connection required to run this software?
      No. ezAccounting is stand-alone desk-top application. No internet connection is required to run this application.

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    Download, Install, Uninstall and Roll back:

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    Purchase and Update

    • What is the cost of using ezAccounting software?
      ezAccounting is $189 per calendar year per installation. This price already includes all the future update packages for this year's version. (For example: If you purchase ezAccounting 2014, you will get all update packages for ezAccounting 2014 for free.) So your total cost for the first year is just $189, with no hidden cost.

      ezAccounting can support unlimited companies, employees, paychecks and tax forms at no extra charge.

    • Can ezAccounting support multiple companies? What is the cost?
      Yes, ezAccounting can support unlimited companies and employees. ezAccounting is $189 per year per installation. If you will handle multiple companies from the same machine, there is no extra charge. However, if you install ezAccounting in multiple locations a multiple user license will be required.

    • Will updating package delete or overwrite my data from prior years?
      No, updating package will not change existing company information. In fact, ezAccounting has two separate databases: company database and tax database.

      Company Database saves all your company information such as employee information, your check information and so on. All the information you input will be saved in this database.

      Tax Database saves all the federal and State Tax Tables. ezAccounting application calculates tax based on these tables.

      Updating Version will update tax database only. So your existing company information is safe.

    • License

    • How to register ezAccounting license

    • How to transfer ezAccounting license to a new computer

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    Company Management, Backup and Restore

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    Network and Multiple-user Version

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    Manage Sales and Customers:

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    Manage Vendors and Purchases

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    Employee and Payroll

    • Do I need to pay extra fee for payroll features?

    • Can I update tax tables and forms for free?
      - If you purchase ezAccouting 2017, you can get all updates for free for ezAccounting 2017.
      - If you need to use ezAccounting 2018 next year, you need to purchase the license for 2018 edition and download ezAccounting 2018. All your previous data will remain.

    • Can I start payroll anytime in a year?
      Yes, you can start to use ezAccounting payroll functions anytime in a year. If you handle the paychecks manually or with other software before, you can use manual YTD feature to enter the previous payroll data quickly.

    • I am your ezPaycheck customer. If I purchase ezAccounting, do you still need to renew my ezPaycheck payroll software?
      ezAccounting software includes ezPayroll software. If you decide to switch ezAccounting software, you can import all your ezPaycheck data into ezAccounting software. You do not need to renew ezPaycheck software again.

      Click here to view more FAQs about ezAccounting payroll features >>

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    Checks and Banks

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    Reports and Forms

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    Security & Password Protection

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    Chart of Accounts

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    Direct Deposit

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    Data Import & Export

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