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How to Move ezAccounting Software to a New Computer

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With ezAccounting software, you can back up and restore data easily. If you purchase a new computer, you can move ezAccounting software and data to your new computer by following the steps below.

Step 1: Transfer Data

1.1: Backup the data from the old computer to a USB disk or a shared folder.

Open ezAccounting application on your old computer, insert the USB disk, click the top menu "Company" then "backup" to backup your data easily. You can click the triangle button behind "Save in" field to change the current path. You can modify the back up new file name as you like. Once you click the Save button, you will save your current database file to the new location.

database back up

1.2: Install ezAccounting software on the new computer

Log on the new computer as administrator, download and install ezAccounting software first on your new computer. (You need to have the administrator permission to install the special fonts.)

Download link:

1.3: Copy the database file from the USB disk to the application folder on your new computer.

  • On database restore screen, click the "Select backup database to be restored" button to choose the database file from your USB disk and backup folder. You can learn more from this link also.

  • Or you can copy the database file(s) manually. The database file is .mdb file.

  • The default folder is:
    C:\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezAccounting

    1.4: Switch the current account to view data

    Once you restore the file successfully, you can switch the current company to view data by clicking the top menu "Company" then "Select Company"

    Step 2: Transfer License

  • If you purchased ezAccounting previous version(ie: ezAccounting 2020) and need to use ezAccounting 2021 version on the new computer, you need to purchase a new license.

  • If you need to use ezAccounting on both computers, please contact us to upgrade your ezAccounting order and add one extra license.

  • If you will stop using ezAccounting 2021 on the old computer, please follow the guide below to transfer the license to the new computer.

  • 2.1 Unregister ezAccounting 2021 license from the old computer

    Start ezAccounting 2021 on the old computer, click the top menu "Help" then click the sub menu "Input license key". Then click "Unregister to remove key".

    2.2 Register ezAccounting 2021 license on the new computer

    register key menu

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