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ezAccounting Guide: Multiple User Network Version Setup

ezAccounting -> Quick Start Guide -> Network Multiple-user Version
ezAccounting software is the easy-to-use and affordable accounting software designed for small businesses. The network version can allow multiple users to share the same database file. Here are the two options:

  • Option 1: Install ezAccounting on client Machines and Share the Same Database File On the Server.
  • Option 2: Install ezAccounting on Server and Give Remote Access Permission to Multiple Users

    Option 1: Install ezAccounting on client Machines and Share the same Database File On the Server.

    If you do not have a server, you can create a shared folder on one machine and use it as the server. Please make sure you give the FULL CONTROL permissions to all users that need to access that folder.

    You can search Microsoft web site if you need more information how to create a shared folder.

    Step 1: Download and install ezAccounting on your first machines with administrator permission

    You need the administor permission to install ezAccounting, otherwise the font will not display correctly.

    ezAccounting download link

    Step 2: Set up company and copy it to network folder

    You can click here to see how to set up ezACcounting software

  • Click the top menu "Company" then "Backup" to copy this account to a network server

  • backup accounting software database
    Click to view larger image

    Step 3: Edit ezAccounting database path to use the shared file on the server.

    Click ezAccounting top menu "Company" then click "Select Company" to change the current database path.

    Step 4: Install ezAccounting on the second machine, register the license key, and repeat step 3.

    Option 2: Install ezAccounting on Server and Give Remote Access Permission to Multiple Users

    You can download and install ezAccounting on server and give access permissions to multiple users.

  • 1. Log on server as administrator, download and install ezAccounting on server.

  • 2. Start ezAccounting application, setup company information and print one test check to make sure ezAccounting works normally. You can learn more from ezAccounting Quick Start Guide.

  • 3. Log on client machine, remotely access server and test ezAccounting. Each client should enough permissions(read, write and execute permissions) to access ezAccounting application and database file.


    When you share the folder and database file on the server, please give FULL CONTROL permission (or at least Read, Write and Execute Permissions) to ezAccounting users.

    How can I know I have enough permission to access the database on the server

    - Open Windows Explore, navigate to the database folder on the server

    - Select the database file by mouse, right click to view properties. You need to have read, write and execute permisson.

  • Need more information
  • You can learn more about ezAccounting features from FAQs.
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