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ezAccounting Software: How to Make 941 Federal Tax Deposit via EFTPS Site

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ezAccounting software comes with payroll feature which automates tax calculations and paycheck printing. This is how to make 941 federal tax deposit payment using EFTPS site for your bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly deposit.

Step 1: Print ezAccounting Employer Report

  • Start ezAccounting software.
  • Click ezAccounting top menu "Report" then "Employer Report" view Federal 941 Deposit Report.
  • Change report criteria and generate you report
  • click to view larger image

    Step 2: Enroll EFTPS If You Do Not Have An Account

    The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a free service from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. All federal taxes can be paid using EFTPS.

    If you have not enrolled this system, you can need to enroll first before you can deposit payment. Click here to enroll eftps.

    Step 3: Deposit 941 payment

    Step 3.1: Log in

    Click this link below to open eftps site and click "Make a Payment" to start

    eftps site

    Enter the required information and log in

    eftps site login

    Step 3.2: Select payment type

    eftps select tax type

    Step 3.3: Select Form Number

    eftps select tax type

    Step 3.4: Ener tax amount

    eftps enter payment

    Step 3.5: Enter tax category information

    eftps enter category information

    Step 3.6: Verify information for payroll tax payment deposit

    eftps review tax payment

    Step 3.7: Comfirm federal tax payment deposit

    eftps comfirm payment

    More About Form 941

  • How to print Form 941, 941-V and Schedule B

  • How to generate 941 form manually
  • (For new clients who do not have payroll data inside ezAccounting application)
  • Tax form due dates

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