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ezCheckPrinting Software: How to Add a New Text Field to Check

With ezCheckPrinting, you customize the check layout and add a new text field (Ie: "void after 60 days") to check easily.

Step 1: Install ezCheckPrinting

If you have not installed ezCheckPrinting, you can download it from

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Step 2: Start ezCheckPrinting and set up the bank account

ezCheckPrinting menu

Step 3: Open check layout screen and add an extra text field

Start ezCheckPrinting check writer, click the top menu "Settings->Layout setup" to open check layout screen.

format check menu

  • 3.1. Select "Custom Text 0" from Item Picker
  • 3.2. Check the option "Visible"
  • 3.3. Enter "Void after 60 days" as text, change size, font type
  • 3.4. Select the text on check and move it to the target location with your mouse.
  • 3.5. Save the changes

    Step 4: Add and print a check

    void after 60 days check

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    Design and Print Professional Checks Yourself

    - Print checks on blank stock with logo and signature
    - Fill in data on pre-printed checks
    - Print blank checks to fill in later
    - QB virtual printer for QuickBooks/Quicken(for Windows)
    - Unlimited accounts and checks for Windows and Mac.

    Try ezCheckPrinting free demo version with no obligation and no credit card needed.


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