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ezPaycheck Payroll Software Video Tutorial

ezPaycheck Quick Start Guide: How to Print Paychecks in House

Install/Uninstall ezPaycheck Payroll Software

How to install ezPaycheck payroll software

How to install ezPaycheck payroll software on a machine with higher security

How to Uninstall ezPaycheck payroll software

Switch to ezPaycheck Software

How to switch to ezPaycheck payroll software in mid year by entering YTD data manually

Account Management

How to switch ezPaycheck current account

How to backup ezPaycheck payroll software

How to Restore ezPaycheck payroll software

Add and Print PayChecks & Paystubs

  • Add Paycheck
  • How to Generate and Print Paycheck in Minutes

    How to Create a check and enter taxes/deductions manually

    How to prepare paycheck for hourly rate employee

    How to prepare paycheck for salaried employee

  • Print Paychecks and Paystubs
  • How to Print Paycheck on Preprinted checks

    How to Print Paycheck on Blank Stock

    How to Print Paystubs only

    How to Print Paystubs into PDF File and Email It

    How to View More Paychecks

    Taxes and Deductions

    How to add a payroll deduction by fixed amount

    After the Fact Payroll

    How to Create a check and enter taxes/deductions manually

    Paycheck and Tax Depost

    How to Make 941 Federal Tax Deposit Using EFTPS Site

    Using Paycheck with Other Software

    How to use ezPaycheck with ezW2 software

    Trouble Shooting

    Why the bank cannot scan my paycheck

    payroll software

    ezPaycheck Makes 2023 Payroll An Easy, In-House Task!

    (For Windows and Mac)

  • Trusted by Thousands of New and Seasoned Clients Each Year Since 2005.
  • Calculate Federal & State Taxes, Print Paychecks, Print W2, W3, 941, 943 and 940.
  • User-friendly, Easy-to-use

  • Try it free for 30 days with no obligation and no credit card needed.

    ezPaycheck 2023 & 2024 Bundle Special Offer $189 (Regular price: $139 per calendar year)

    No monthly fee. No hidden cost.


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