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Why the Bank Cannot Scan My Check?

There are many reasons that a check cannot be scanned by bank or a store. It may be caused by check setup, printing problem or check paper problem.

  • Common issues and solutions
  • How to validate the check format


    #1: The MICR line format is not correct - ***Most Common Reason***

    ezCheckPrinting micr encoding line

    Most US banks require the special MICR symbol C behind the bank account number. Some banks require the special characters before, behind or around bank account number.

  • How to customize the MICR line

    You can access the check setup screen by clicking ezCheckPrinting top menu "settings" then "check setup".

    MICR encoding

    #2: Print check on white paper instead of check paper

    You cannot print check on white paper, you should use check paper with security features.

    #3: Printer ink issue

    When customers print check on blank stock, we suggest customers to use MICR tone or laser printer to print the MICR Encoding. Some grocery stores and ATM machines may not be able to scan the check printed by regular ink-jet printer because they are still using the old scanners.

    #4: MICR encoding fonts was not printed correctly

    You need to log in with administrator permission to install ezCheckPrinting software with MICR fonts. If the fonts were not correctly, you can uninstall and reinstall ezCheckPrinting to solve this issue.

    #5: The check alignment is not correct

    You can print alignment page from check setup screen. You can adjust your check printing position by modify the offset values. For example: If you need to print the check lower, you can increase the value of "Offset down" to print the check lower. The default value is "0". You can try "0.5" first. If it is still too high, you can increase the value.

    adjust check printing position

    How to make sure my check format is correct

    Option 1. Mobile APP
    Many banks offer mobile APP. You can print a test check with small amount that is payable to yourself or one employee. If the bank mobile APP can read the check, your check format is good. You will be able to deposit the check in bank with no problem.

    Option 2. Deposit your check in bank
    You can print a test check and deposit it in bank. If the bank scanner can read it, the check format is good.

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