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ezCheckPrinting Software: How to Format MICR Encoding Line

ezCheckPrinting prints checks on blank stock with MICR encoding line. Here are the FAQs about MICR encoding line on check.

1. The MICR line format of ezCheckPrinting checks

ezCheckPrinting software is design for US business checks. The standard business check size is 8-1/2" X 3-1/2 and the MICR line format for US business check is:

If you need to print wallet-sized personal check, please use the ezCheckPersonal software. The MICR line format for US personal check is: "ROUTING, ACCOUNT NUMBER AND CHECK #" and the standard personal check size is 6" X 2-3/4.

2. Can I change the format of MICR line with ezCheckPrinting

No. The MICR line format is fixed as "CHECK #, THE ROUTING AND THE ACCOUNT NUMBER". You can add extra spaces or symbols if needed. But you cannot change the format.

3. Why my bank cannot scan the MICR line on my check

ezCheckPrinting micr encoding line

Most US banks require the special MICR symbol C behind the bank account number. Some banks require the special characters before, behind or around bank account number. Missing the required MICR symbol is the #1 reason for the check scanning error. Such issue can also be caused by ink, check paper, alignment and others..

ezCheckPrinting check setup

4. How to hide MICR encoding line on check

  • If you are using pre-printed checks with MICR line, you can uncheck the blank stock option from check set up screen to print check data only

  • If you need to hide the MICR line only for coupon, gift certification, you can uncheck the option “Display MICR line” to hide MICR line from check layout screen. You can access the check layout screen by clicking the ezCheckPrinting top menu "Settings-> Layout setup".

  • ezCheckPrinting hide micr encoding line

    5. How to adjust the MICR line printing position

    6. How to customize the MICR line with extra space and symbol(s)

    ezCheckPrinting check setup

    7. The MICR line does not display correctly.

    Usually such issue caused by installation or regitry issue. Here are the steps to fix it:
  • Log in your computer as admin
  • Uninstall ezCheckPrinting
  • reinstall ezCheckPrinting

  • 8. How do I know if the MICR line is properly aligned

  • Click ezCheckPrinting top menu "settings" then "check setup" to view check setup screen

  • You can print out "Check Alignment Page" and align your check on the bottom and right line to check if the Routing Number fits inside the correct box. The "Print Check Alignment" button is on "Check Setup Page". The Routing Number includes the leading symbol.

  • 9. How to edit the MICR line for foreign checks

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