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ezPaycheck Software: How to Print Paycheck Stubs on Paper or Convert into PDF File


(If you are using previous ezPaycheck 2022 or earlier version, please follow this guide):

ezPaycheck payroll software makes small business payroll an easy job. In this guide, you will find:

  • How to generate paystubs manually or automatically

  • How to print paystubs with or without paycheck

  • How to save paystubs into PDF file

  • Step 1: Generate paycheck(s) automatically or manually (Optional)

    1.1 To print paycheck with stubs, please select "Top", "Bottom" or "Middle" format.

    - Click the ezPaycheck left menu "Checks" then "Check Setup" to access Check Setup screen.
    - Specify the check format: "Top", "Bottom" or "Middle" format. (You cannot use the 3-per-page format)

    paycheck printing

    1.2 Create and save paychecks.

    You can generate a new check by using tax tables or you can enter the taxes data manually. You can skip this step if you have already created paychecks.

    paycheck printing

    Step 2: Select paycheck(s) from list and click the button "Special Print" to view more options.

    special printing

    Step 3: Print paystub(s) on paper Click "Print Stub Only" button to preview paystubs, then click the Printer Icon on the preview screen and print stubs on paper.

    paycheck stubs printing

    Step 4: Save paystubs into PDF files

    Click the option "Save PDF Stub" to save the stub(s) into PDF files. You can specify the PDF file location.

    More Information:

  • How to generate paycheck for 1099 contractors

  • How to enter YTD data manually

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  • Sample Paychecks

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