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File Form W2 & W3 Electronically

How to Upload Efile Document to SSA Site


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on uploading your W2 and W3 forms to SSA. Trusted for over two decades, ezW2 is SSA-approved, ensuring a smooth W2 W3 tax reporting process for businesses of all sizes.

Before submission: Prepare W2 data file

Please refer to this article:
  • How to prepare and generate the W2 W3 Efile document.

  • Steps to upload W2 forms to SSA

  • 1. Visit SSA site
  • The IRS efile link is

    SSA W-2 Submission

  • 2. Log in
  • ssa site login

  • 3. Upload file
  • 3.1 Select the "Upload Formatted Wage File" tab on the EWR homepage to access the Wage File Upload application. Select the Submit a Formatted Wage File link. The system displays the "What's in the File" page.

    ssa site submit

    3.2 When the "W-2/W-3 forms for Tax Year 2023 or previous tax year (EFW2)" radio button is selected, the Upload File section with a Browse button will be displayed. You can choose a file to upload.

    ssa site upload file 2

    3.3 When the uploaded file passes the preliminary checks, it will be automatically submitted to the Social Security Administration and the system will display a success page.

    ssa site upload file completed

    W2 software

    ezW2 software: SSA Approved. Trusted By Thousands for Two Decades.

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    To print the current 1099-misc forms, please use ez1099 software.

    (Note: ezW2 2019 and previous versions support 1099-MISC forms. You need to use the new Form 1099-NEC to report nonemployee compensation during the current tax season..)

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