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DIY ezPaycheck Payroll Tax Software Feature List

(for Year 2024 Windows Version)


Single-user Version

Multiple-user Network Version

  For Windows & Mac For Windows only
Main features
  • Create paychecks for W2 employees;
  • Create paychecks for 1099 Contractors;
  • Create paychecks for employees with special tax settings (ie: oversea employees, clergy members)
  • Create the after the fact paychecks
  • Create the MISC checks (to pay reimbursement and vendor bills)
  • Print W2, W3, 941, 943 and 940
  • (Note: Form 943 is available for 2023 and later versions)
    Yes Yes
    Easy-to-use Graphic User Interface
  • Designed for small business owners;
  • Form level help buttons;
  • Easy to follow wizard guides through the company creation process and employee setup;
  • Yes Yes
    Payroll Taxes and Deductions
  • Built-in federal and 50 states tax tables;
  • Automatically calculates Federal Withholding Tax, State tax, Social Security, Medicare Tax and Employer Unemployment Taxes;
  • Supports local tax;
  • Supports the options to withhold extra federal and state taxes;
  • Supports 401k, retirement plan, insurance deductions and more
  • Employers can add custom tax and deduction fields;
  • Yes Yes
    Flexible Pay Periods
  • Monthly, Semi-monthly, weekly, biweekly and daily;
  • Yes Yes
    Flexible Tax Options
  • Church and companies have special needs can unchecks tax options
  • Yes Yes
    Flexible Payment Types
  • Pay by Salary or Hourly Rate;
  • Supports bonus, commissions, tips
  • Employers can add custom payment such as Pay-by-piece, pay-by-load, pay-by-project, pay-by-mile and more;
  • Supports the differential pay rate for different shift or tasks
  • Yes Yes
    Paycheck Printing
  • Prints paychecks on blank stock and preprinted check;
  • Prints MICR encoding on blank stock
  • Supports multiple paycheck formats: check-in-middle, check-on-top, check-at-bottom and 3-per-page;
  • Customizes paycheck with logo, signature, two signature lines and extra fields
  • Supports the option to mask Social Security Number
  • Displays taxes, deductions and YTD details on stubs
  • Supports the option to print stub only
  • Yes Yes
    Prints Any Purpose MISC Checks
  • You can use MISC checks to pay company bill, pay employee reimbursment and more
  • Yes Yes
    Supports Unlimited Companies and Employees on the Same Machine with No Extra Charge Yes Yes
    Tax Forms and Reports
  • Calculates and prints out 940, 941, 943, W-2 and W-3 forms; (Note: Red forms are needed to print W2 copy A and W3)
  • Easy to use employer and employee reports;
  • Yes Yes
    Export and Import
  • Data export: payroll data and employee list;
  • Import employee list;
  • Yes Yes
    Network Access (Multiple users can share the same database) No Yes
    Database Backup and Restore; Yes Yes
    Direct Deposit;
  • You can use ezPaycheck with ezACH or other applications for employee payment deposit and tax deposit.
  • No No
    Purchase and Support
  • 30-day Free Trial Available;
  • No monthly fee;
  • Purchase payroll software now and get the key code instantly;
  • No hidden cost
  • Free email and livechat support;
  • Yes Yes


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