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ezPaycheck Payroll Software: Pay W2 Employees and 1099 Contractors


ezPaycheck payroll software comes with the flexible tax options. It can process the paychecks for both W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. To make the future tax reporting easier, we suggest our clients to add a second account to handle the paychecks for 1099 contractors. (Note: ezPaycheck software can support multiple accounts with no extra charge)

Step 1: Set up the first company account for W-2 employees.

Learn more details here

Step 2: Set up the second company account for 1099 contractors.

2.1 Click the ezPaycheck top menu "Company->Duplicate current account" to add the second account for 1099 contractors.

account menu

2.2 Switch the current account by click the top menu "Company->Select Company".

2.3 Add 1099 contractors.
When you add a contractor, you can uncheck all (or partial) taxes. Then ezPaycheck will not withhold the taxes from the paychecks.

paycheck for employee

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    ezPaycheck Makes 2024 Payroll An Easy, In-House Task!

    (For Windows and Mac)

  • Trusted by Thousands for Two decades.
  • Calculate Federal & State Taxes, Print Paychecks, Print W2, W3, 941, 943 and 940.
  • User-friendly, Easy-to-use
  • No monthly fee. No hidden cost.

  • Try it free for 30 days with no obligation. No credit card required.