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How to Switch to ezPaycheck Payroll Software from zPay(PayWindow)


ezPaycheck 2024 Is Available.

To make it easier for zPay users to switch to ezPaycheck payroll software, we have added a new data import feature. This feature can:
  • Create a new company account in ezPaycheck automatically, saving you time and effort.
  • Import your employee list from your zPay database file, eliminating the need to manually enter employee data into ezPaycheck.

  • You are welcome to download and test drive ezPaycheck 30-day demo version for free with no obligation. No credit card is needed.


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    Steps to Import Data and Switch to ezPaycheck

    Step 1: Install and launch ezPaycheck payroll software

     How to install ezPaycheck

    You are welcome to try ezPaycheck for free with no obligation. No credit card required.

    Step 2: Import zPay data

    2.1 Click ezPaycheck top menu "Export/Import" then click the sub meu "zPay(Pay Window) Customer Import" to view the data import screen.

    zPay data import menu

    2.2 Click the "Open File" button to select the zPay database file (.dxi file).

    select file

    The default data file location is:
    C:\Users\xxxx\OneDrive\Documents\PayWindow Data Files

    The database file is .dxi file.

    select database file

    2.3 Click the next button to start the data import process.

    start to zPay data import

    2.4 Enter the company information and click the "Next" button

     How to enter company settings

    company settings

    2.5 Enter the company tax information and click the "Next" button

     How to enter company tax settings

    tax setup

    2.6 Click the "Finish" button.

    - ezPaycheck will create a new company account.
    - ezPaycheck will import employees.

    Step 3: Review and edit company settings after you import data.

    Please follow this guide to review and edit company settings.

    Step 4: Review and edit bank account settings.

    Please follow this guide to edit bank settings.

    - With ezPaycheck, you can print professional paychecks on blank stock or pre-printed blank checks.
    - You can select Top, Middle, Bottom and 3-per-page formats.
    - You can specify the company logo and signatur images in this step also.

    Step 5: Review and edit employee settings

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    Step 6: Enter YTD manually if you switch to ezPaycheck in mid-year (optional)

    Please skip this step if you will switch to ezPaycheck from Jan 2024.

     How to enter YTD manually

    Click to view more details about YTD manual input

    Step 7: Add and print your paychecks

     How to add and print paychecks

    View document: how to add and print paychecks

    Sample Paychecks

    print paychecks on blank stock with a laser printer


    Need Assistance?

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to assist you as soon as possible.

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