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ezCheckPersonal: How to update to New Version or Roll Back to a Previous Version

  • How to update to the latest version
  • How to rollback to a previous version

  • 1. Do I need to update ezCheckPersonal?

    It is optional. If you can print checks from your computer with no problem, you do not need to update ezCheckPersonal.

    Note: If you purchased a version for Windows 7, and plan to transfer ezCheckPersonal to a new Windows 10 computer, you need to purchase the new license. The key codes for version 2, version 3, version 4 and version 5 are different.

    2. What is the new with version 5 (for Windows)

  • It was updated for the latest Windows.
  • It solved the installation issues on some computers with special settings.
  • It also includes the updates for some printers

  • 3. Is it free to update ezCheckPersonal software

    If you purchased ezCheckPrinting version 5, you will get updates for version 5 for free. If you purchased version 4 or previous version, you need to purchase the new license key to use the latest version.

    4. How to purchase new license key

    We offer $5 discount to previous ezCheckPersonal clients. You can contact us to receive the special purchase link. We need to retrieve your previous order. Please list the email or the transaction ID in your purchase link request message.

    5. How can I know my ezCheckPersonal version?

    You can check your current software name and version by clicking the ezCheckPersonal top menu "help" then "About ezCheckPersonal".

    6. Steps to Update ezCheckPersonal

    Step 6.1: Your data should be safe when you update ezCheckPersonal. However, we always suggest you back up your data first.

  • Start ezCheckPersonal and click the top menu "Accounts" then "Backup Current Account" to open backup screen

  • Select the backup location, enter the backup file name and backup

    Step 6.2: Download the new ezCheckPersonal

    You can click the button below to download ezCheckPersonal current and previous versions.

    Step 6.3: Purchase and register the new license if you used a different version before.

    For example: If you purchased ezCheckPersonal version 4, you need to purchase the new license to use ezCheckPersonal version 5.

    7. How to rollback to previous version if I installed a new version by mistake

    Step 7.1: As a precaution, back up database.

    You can click ezCheckPersonal application top menu "Accounts" to back up your data.

    Step 7.2: Uninstall the current version of ezCheckPersonal.

    Click the "Start" button , click on "Control Panel", click on "Programs", and then click on "Programs and Features". Select ezCheckPersonal from program list, and then click "Uninstall".

    Step 7.3: Download the previous version.

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