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W2 Checklist: What Employers Must Know before the 2024 Tax Season?


  • General Information
  • Paper Forms
  • eFile
  • For ezPaycheck Clients
  • For QuickBooks Users

  • General Information

    1. What is W2?

    2. What is the due date?

    3. I have no employee this year. Do I still need file W2 and W3?
    No, if no wages were paid to an employee for the year, employers do not need to file a W-3 and W-2.

    4. I purchased ezW2 2022 last year. Can I reuse last year's data?
    Yes, you can roll forward 2022 data to ezW2 2023 easily.

    5. Can I use ezW2 to file 1099-nec forms?
    Yes, ezW2 can file W2, W3, 1099-nec and 1096.

    6. Can ezW2 software support multiple companies?
    Yes, ezW2 Software can support unlimited companies, recipients and forms at no additional charge. Many of our customers are CPA's and tax preparers.

    7. Do you offer the free DEMO version of ezW2 2023?
    Yes. You are welcome to test drive ezW2 with no obligation and no cost.

    8. Sample W2 W3 forms

    About Paper Forms

    1. Are red forms required for W2 W3 reporting?
    No. ezW2 is approved by SSA to print W2 forms and W3 form on white paper. No red forms are needed.

    2. Will SSA accept black and white substitute forms on blank paper?
    Yes, SSA will accept W2 and W3 substitute forms that meets the specifications and approved by SSA. You can find our SSA-approval document here.

    3. I prefer to use the traditional red forms. Can ezW2 fill out data on forms?
    Yes. ezW2 can fill in data on pre-printed forms.

    4. What kind of printer is required to print W2 and W3 on white paper?
    You can use the home/office laser printer and ink-jet printer.

    About eFile

    1. How to efile W2 and W3 to SSA?

    2. How to efile W2 and W3 to my state?

    3. How to apply the User ID to efile W2 W3?

    4. I am a new employer. When should I apply the User ID if I want to file W2 electronically this year?
    Please apply as soon as possible. It may take several days to a couple of weeks to set up a new account. Please contact IRS directly to check the current status.

    5. Do I need to register each year for a NEW User ID?
    No, the BSO User ID never expires; however, the password expires every 90 days. Please make sure you can log in your account before the tax season.

    Reminder: If you forget your password, select "Forgot password" from the login page. Answer your security questions, and then select a new password. (Note: Registering for another User ID will not fix your account.) If you are unable to reset your password or forget your User ID, call 1-800-772-6270 for assistance.

    6. I am locked out of my account. Whom do I contact to for assistance?
    Please contact 1-800-772-6270 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Eastern Time or E-mail:

    7. I am a CPA. When I file for multiple companies, do I need to register for a separate BSO User ID for each company I send a report?
    No, you only need one User ID. The same User ID is used to file for each employer.

    8 When I efile my W2 W3 forms, do I need to send a W-3 separately?
    No. The efile document created by ezW2 software includes both W2 forms and W3 form.

    9. Can I use ezW2 to file W2C and W3C correction forms?
    No. You need to use ezW2Correction software.

    10. How do I know my electronic file was processed?
    Employers and third parties may view the submission status within BSO on the Electronic Wage Reporting (EWR) homepage. Employers select "View Employer Report Status." Third parties select "View Submission Status." The status will show "received" and then "completed" when the process is finished. Once completed, it will provide W-3 information. For additional information, please visit the Business Services Online Tutorial page.

    For ezPaycheck and ezAccounting clients

    1. I have ezPaycheck 2022(or ezAccounting 2022). Do I still need ezW2 software?
    ezPaycheck(or ezAccounting) can print W2 recipient copies on white paper. Red forms are needed for W2 copy A and W3.

    If you need more features(ie: white paper printing, W2 W3 efiling or 1099-nec filing), you can use ezW2. ezW2 can import data from ezPaycheck(or ezAccounting) in a few clicks.

    How ezW2 works with ezPaycheck?

    How ezW2 works with ezAccounting?

    For QuickBooks Clients

    1. Can I use ezW2 with QuickBooks and other software?
    Yes, many QuickBooks clients like ezW2 software. ezW2 can import data from QuickBooks IIF file.

    How ezW2 works with QuickBooks

    W2 software

    ezW2 software: Print and eFile Form W2, W3, 1099-NEC & 1096 in House.

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