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How to Print W2 Forms for Employees

EzPaycheck payroll software makes small business payroll an easy job. Here are the steps to print W2 Forms:
payroll software ezPaycheck payroll software help you process payroll taxes, print paychecks and file tax forms easily and smoothly.

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This paycheck software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Me, 2003, 2000 and Vista system.

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Step 1: View W2 Form

  • You can click the ezPaycheck left menu "Forms and Reports" then click the sub menu "Forms" to view Form options on screen.

  • Click the "W-2 Forms" button to view W2 forms w2 w3 option
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Step 2: Print W2 Form

  • 1. Select the tax year
  • 2. Select the employee
  • 3. ezPaycheck will generate the W2 form automatically based on paycheck data.
  • 4. Choose the form you want to print
  • 5. Click the PRINT button to print forms.

    Employee copies: W-2 copy B, C and 2

    As an employer, usually you need furnish W2 copy B, copy C and copy 2 to employees. You can print one form per page and you can also print employee forms in 4-up format.

    SSA Copy: W2 Copy A

    You can choose Copy A option to print copy A data on red forms for SSA return

    - ezPaycheck can print W2 form copy B, C, D, 1 and 2 on white paper. The format is one-form-per-page.

    print W2 form in one form per sheet format
    (Click image to enlarge)

    - ezPaycheck 2015 and later version will allow customers to print employee copies in 4-up format.

    print W2 forms in 4-up format
    (Click image to enlarge)

    - You should use the red forms for W-2 copy A. ezPaycheck prints data only when you choose Copy A option. ezPaycheck just prints the data on the top red form now. You void the bottom one.

    - You can choose Copy A option to print data on preprinted forms for copy B, C, D, 1 and 2 too.

    - SSA will accept the form printed in one-form-per-page format.

    print W2 forms
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Form Printing Alignment

    Most customers should be able to use default settings to print W2 on red forms. If you need to adjust printing position for your printer, you can edit the offset values.

    print W2 forms alignment

    Need more functions to prepare and file tax forms

    If you can need more constrols on W2 form (such as pdf printing, efile features and 1099 printing so on), you can check ezW2 software. ezW2 software can read data from ezPaycheck software directly.

    You should consider using ezW2 if

  • You are a CPA with many clients
  • You have more than 10 employees. ezW2 will save money on red forms.
  • You need to file 1099-MISC and 1096 tax forms also.
  • You need to convert recipient copies into PDF format and email the files.
  • You need to file W2 forms electronically
  • Or you need to more controls, for example: edit the W-2 form

    How ezPaycheck works with ezW2 software

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