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Trouble Shooting: Invalid QuickBooks Check Error

Question: When I print QuickBooks, I got "Invalid QuickBooks Check" error. How to fix it? To save your check paper, you can use white paper in the following steps for testing purpose!

Several reasons can cause this error. Please follow the steps below to fix it.

Problem 1: You are not printing a valid check with payee name, amount and date information

Solution: Print one QuickBooks check on white paper with a real printer (not ezCheckPrinting QB Virtual Printer).

  • 1.1 Please be sure you are printing a check with payee name and non-zero amount. And the date is with format "mm/dd/yyyy"(ie: 1/1/2017). You cannot print QuickBooks directly deposit check or check list report with ezCheckPrinting virtual printer.

  • 1.2 Please be sure you are using QuickBooks US version. ezCheckPrinting may not support QuickBooks Canada version or other foreign country versions.

  • 1.3 If all check data on white paper, follow the guide below and print QuickBooks check with ezCheckPrinting QB printer one more time.

  • Quick Start Guide: How to print QB checks with ezCheckPrinting

    Problem 2: You print extra company logo, company information or signature *****


    When you print QuickBooks, do not check the options to print company information, logo or siganture.

    Problem 3: When you print QuickBooks checks with virtual printer, you did not select Voucher format with QuickBooks. ***


    Voucher format (or top format) is the required format to transfer check data and stub data from QuickBooks to ezCheckPrinting.

    Problem 4: Print QuickBooks checks with APP.


    If you are using QuickBooks online now, please print QuickBooks check from browswer. ezCheckPrinting virtual printer cannot work with APP.

    Problem 5. ADOBE PDF Reader Is Missing or Disabled


    5.1 If you are using QuickBooks desktop version, you can double click one PDF file on your computer. If it is NOT opened by ADOBE automatically, you need install ADOBE PDF reader and also make it the default PDF reader on your computer.

    5.2 If you are using QuickBooks online version, please follow this guide to check if you have ADOBE PDF reader installed and enabled.

    Problem 6. Microsoft XPS Document Writer Is Missing or Damaged

    Solution: Reinstall XPS Document Writer.

  • 6.1 Print one QuickBooks check with Windows XPS Document Writer. You will print the check into a .xps file instead of printing it on paper.

  • 6.2 If you cannot open this .xps file to read the check data, you need to reinstall XPS Document Writer.

  • How to reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer

    Problem 7: QuickBooks Check Format Issue

    Solution: Adjust QuickBooks check alignment

  • 7.1 Print the sample blank check at 100% size. Do not shrink it or resize it.
  • - Uncheck "Fit to page" option
    - Turn off "Auto scale" option
    Click here to print the sample QuickBooks blank check

  • 7.2 Insert the pre-printed blank check into the printer tray.

  • 7.3 Start QuickBooks and print check data with a real physical printer(not ezCheckPrinting QB Virtual Printer).

  • 7.4 Fix alignment issue in QuickBooks
  • If the check data is printed too high or too low, please follow the guide below to fix the alignment issue.

  • 7.5. Repeat from Step 4.1

  • 7.6. Print QuickBooks check with ezCheckPrinting QB Virtual Printer after you can fill in check data on blank check correctly
  • Once you can fill in the data on blank check correctly, you can print QB checks with ezCheckPrinting QB virtual printer again.

    8. Still Need Help? Send us the data file.

  • 8.1. Print a check from QB to duplicate this error first.

  • 8.2. Then email us this file "qbfile0001.txt" to as attachment.

  • The location of this file is:

  • 8.3 Specify your system information also in your message

  • - Computer System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or others?

    - QuickBooks online, Desktop 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 or others?

    We will check this issue as soon as possible after we receive the data file.

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