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1095 ACA EFile: XML File Errors and Solutions

ez1095 ACA software allows customers to validate XML files before they submit the efile documents to IRS. Here are the solutions for some common errors.

After you fixed the error(s), you MUST generate the XML files with ez1095 software again. Please DO NOT modify XML documents manually!!!

1. Form1095CAttachedCnt Error

ERROR (Line 26): The 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:Form1095CAttachedCnt' element is invalid - The value '' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:TotalNumberNonNegativeType' - The string '' is not a valid Integer value.

Solution: This error is caused on box 18 on Form 1094C. You need to fill in the form 1094C and submit it together with the 1095C forms. The efile documents includes both 1095 and 1094 forms.

  • 1. Start ez1095, open the 1094C form and enter box 18 and other information. Save your changes.
  • 2. Generate the efile documents again
  • 3. Validate XML files and submit them to IRS

  • 2. Middle Name error

    ERROR (Line 36): The 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:PersonMiddleNm' element is invalid - The value 'M.' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:PersonMiddleNameType' - The Pattern constraint failed.

    Solution: You can use letter for name only. You should use "M" instead of "M." for middle name initial

    3. Address Error

    ERROR (Line 21): The 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:AddressLine1Txt' element is invalid - The value 'Forest Spring road #1523' is invalid according to its datatype 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:7.0:StreetAddressType' - The Pattern constraint failed.

    Solution: You cannot use special character for address. You can use letter and number only. You can fix this error by changing 'Forest Spring road #1523' to 'Forest Spring road Apt 1523' or 'Forest Spring road Ste 1523'

    4. Foreign Address Error

    ERROR (Line 9339): The element 'ForeignAddressGrp' in namespace 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:ty18' has invalid child element 'CountryNm' in namespace 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:common'. List of possible elements expected: 'CountryCd, CountryNm' in namespace 'urn:us:gov:treasury:irs:ext:aca:air:ty18'.

    XML (Line 9339): "<"irs:CountryNm">"Mexico"<"/irs:CountryNm">"

    Solution: Use the country code for efiling by changing "Mexico" to "MX".

    You can find the IRS foreign country code listing here.

    Note: How to read XML file data by line number with NOTEPAD application

    You can read the XML data in several ways. Here is an example to view XML file with Notepad application, which is installed by default on Windows machines.

  • Step 1: Open the file with NotePad

  • - You can start NotePad application, Click the top menu "File" to open the file
    - Or you can select the file, right click the mouse button and choose OPEN WITH option from the pop up menu to open the file with NOTE PAD

  • Step 2: Click the top menu "Format" and uncheck "word wrap" option

  • Step 3: Click the top menu "Edit" then the sub menu "Go to" to go to the line

  • Step 4: Find the employee name and SSN. Edit the form inside ez1095 software

  • Step 5: Generate new XML files and validate.

  • 1095 software ez1095 software can prepare, print and e-file forms 1095-B, 1094-B, 1095-C and 1094-C ACA forms. You are welcome to download the trial version for free, with no registration needed and no obligation.

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    This ACA form 1095 printing software is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and other Windows system, 32-bit or 64-bit.

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