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ezCheckPrinting Troubleshooting: License Issue

The ezCheckPrinting license codes are different for each version. For example: If you enter the version 6 license to ezCheckPrinting version 7, you will receive "Invalid Key Code" error message. In this guide, you will find:

  • How to register a ezCheckPrinting license
  • License issue and solution for QuickBooks/Quicken Version
  • License issue and solution for Mac
  • How to update ezCheckprinting to the latest version
  • How to rollback to ezCheckPrinting previous version 7, 6 or 5

  • Below are some reasons that you cannot register a license keycode:

    Error code Error description Solution
    4 or 9 Wrong key code Please view #1, #2, #3 in this guide

    If you lost license, please follow this guide to retrieve your license.

    6 This key code has already registered on another computer. 1) If you need to switch computer, please follow up this guide to transfer license from the old computer to a new computer

    2) If you purchase a new computer, please contact us and purchase an extra license

    3) If your computer is crashed, please follow this guide to reset license for a new computer.

    12, 15, 16 or 17 1)Transaction failed.
    2)Or the buyer cancelled the order.
    3)Or the buyer switched/updated the order.
    If you switched/updated order, our system will send you a new key code. Please contact us if you did not receive it.
      Permission issue Please scroll down and view #4 solution
      Insufficient Privileges to install license Please scroll down and view #5 solution

    #1: You entered the wrong license or you installed the wrong software *****

    1.1 You can check the current software name and version installed on your computer by clicking the ezCheckPrinting top menu "help" then "About xxxx".

    input key code

    1.2 You can find the software name and version number from the license message
    ezCheckPrinting key code

    1.3 Solution:

    If you installed a wrong version, you can uninstall the current version, and download the right version.

  • Download ezCheckPrinting latest version

  • Download the previous version 7.0 or 8.0.

  • How to update or rollback ezCheckPrinting

  • If you purchased the previous version and like to purchase the latest version, please contact us for the special upgrade link for previous ezCheckPrinting clients.

    #2: You need to copy and paste keycode including dashes ("-") ***

    The license key code is case sensitive!

    Some mail server may also add extra hidden characters around key code. You can copy the key code to NotePad, then copy it to ezCheckPrinting application to solve this issue.

    How to copy and paste
    Double-click on the text you want to copy, or highlight it. With the text highlighted, press Ctrl + C to copy. Move your cursor to the appropriate location and press Ctrl + V to paste.

    input key code

    #3. Some email server may add special characters around key code, even you cannot see it.

    - You can open Notepad application, copy the license key from email to the Notepad first. (You can open Notepad by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Notepad, and then, in the list of results, click Notepad. )
    - Then you copy the key code from NotePad to your application to register it.
    This process will remove the unseen charaters added to the key code by your email server.

    #4: Permission issue

    You need to log in your machine as administrator or a user with enough persmission to register the key code. You may also refer to this article:

    What Permissions I Need to Run ezCheckPrinting

    #5: Insufficient Privileges to install license

    Such an error may occur when some Windows component is busy.

    1) power off your computer
    2) wait for 60 seconds
    3) restart computer
    4) Start ezCheckPrinting and try again.

    Still need assistance?

    Please contact us with more details at (If you can't receive our response in 24 hours, your message may be blocked into JUNK folder by mistake. Please feel free to contact us again. )

    1) Software name and version number? (ie: ezCheckPrinting, version 8.0.1)
    You can click the software top menu "help" then "About ezXXXXX" to view it.

    2) Your key code?

    3) Your computer: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Mac or others?

    4) The error code and error description?

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