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ezPaycheck FAQs for Mac Version:

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      General Question about ezPaycheck Payroll Software:

    • Is ezPayCheck for me? I do not know much about accounting and computer.
    • Yes. ezPaycheck is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. We intentionally engineered this software for those clients who are not professional accountants and payroll tax experts. Please feel free to test drive the 30-day trial version with obligation. No credit card is needed. We are glad to assist you if you have any questions.

    • Can I start ezPaycheck in mid-year?
    • Yes, you can switch to ezPayCheck payroll at any time of the year. You can enter Year-to-date (YTD) totals for your employees.

    • What is my cost of using ezPaycheck payroll software?
      ezPaycheck single user version is $149 per calendar year per installation. It can support unlimited companies, employees, paychecks and tax forms with no extra charge. You can click the above link to learn more.

    • If I have question with ezPaycheck software, how can I get assistance?

    • Is check printing legal?
      Yes, printing checks from your own printer is perfectly legal. However, they must be printed on special paper.

    • Does the trial version have any limitations?
      The trial version is the full version with the only limitation that it will print the Trial images on checks, W2, W3, 940 and 941 forms. It stops working after 30 days unless you purchase and register the license. (All your data will remain after you register the license.)

    • Does it print W-2s and W-3s?
      Yes! You can print W-2 form Copy B, c and D on plain paper, complete and ready to use. You can print W-2 copy A and W-3 on pre-printed red-ink forms.

    • Does it print the MICR encoding on checks?
      Yes. Please view the sample paychecks here.

    • Does ezPayCheck handle pre-tax and after-tax deductions?

    • Is it safe to use ezPaycheck payroll software?

    • About social security tax deferral and payback

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      Purchase, Register, Update & Run ezPaycheck

      Purchase and Update

    • How to purchase a license or retrieve a lost license?

    • What is the cost of using ezPaycheck payroll software?
      ezPaycheck is $149 per calendar year per installation. This price already includes all the future update packages for this year's version. (For example: you are a registered user of ezPaycheck 2024 and you will get all 2024 updates for free. If you will use ezPaycheck 2025 next year, you need to purchase a new license.)

      ezPaycheck can support unlimited companies, employees, paychecks and tax forms with no extra charge.

    • Can ezPaycheck support multiple companies? What is the cost?
      Yes, ezPaycheck can support unlimited companies and employees. ezPaycheck is $149 per calendar year per installation. If you will handle multiple companies from the same machine, there is no extra charge. However, if you will install ezPaycheck at multiple locations, you should buy multiple-user license.

    • Will updating package delete or overwrite my data from prior years?
      No. However we always suggest our clients backup data in advance for safety.

    • I purchased ezPaycheck 2023 in April 2023. Do I need to purchase the new license in Jan 2024 to use ezPaycheck 2024?
    • Yes, you need to purchase the new 2024 license to use ezPaycheck 2024 no matter you purchased ezPaycheck 2023 in Jan 2023 or Oct 2023. The licenses for 2023 version and 2024 version are different.

      Run and Register

    • How to register the key code?

    • How to unregister the license?

    • What permissions I need to run ezPaycheck correctly?